Our Story

Entertainment is the product of one of two things: a good story or an incredible experience.

In 2009, we founded Jukebox Television to create new ways for people to enjoy the entertainment they love. From within some of the largest media companies in the world, our team had observed how the industry changed over the last 10 years. The web created new possibilities for discovery, and, along with it, some major problems for monetizing professional entertainment. At Jukebox, we set out to create incredible entertainment experiences truly valuable to entertainment companies.

In 2010, we designed and built a platform for personalized entertainment delivery using videos from all over the web. The goal was to make a delightful viewing experience by indexing the massive catalogue of professional content on the web, then matching the right viewer to the right video. We soon realized that the system architecture we created had much broader applications for the entertainment industry as a whole. So in 2012, we turned our entire platform into an API, and IRIS.TV was born.

Our team is made up of media experts, multimedia engineers, data scientists and archivists. Together, we work with content distributors to make their content a part of innovative products—ones that can generate long-tail revenue from their back catalogue while also being fun, interactive, and engaging for viewers.

We started working with web video because it is the new frontier of entertainment discovery and consumption. But despite online video’s success in finding an audience, it has not proven a valuable source of revenue to the entertainment companies who bring us our favorite shows, movies, and experiences. For content creators and owners to properly monetize their content from first airing to long tail video, they must gain complete control over their digital markets.

At IRIS.TV, we believe that content is king and that the new frontier of entertainment is in personalized video distribution.

We designed IRIS.TV to help distributors and networks monetize content by turning their TV Everywhere, mobile, and online video platforms into a personalized television experience for every viewer. By partnering with industry-leading companies in encoding, transcoding, metadata, mobile and IPTV video delivery, IRIS.TV ensures that content owners of large volume, high value archives can maximize revenue at every step of the process (from post-production to digital distribution).

The IRIS.TV Monetization Engine uses our patented dynamic distribution technology, composed of three parts:
recommendation engine, seamless playback, and intelligent analytics.


Our work



IRIS.TV is a comprehensive recommendation and analytics platform that optimizes video delivery and monetization. IRIS.TV increases viewer engagement and generates more revenue from your video catalogue by connecting the right video to the right viewer-turning your one-time visitors into a loyal audience.


MOVING ART™ is a channel we are developing for multiple platforms. It will transform your television and mobile devices into an immersive experience. It is a window into an experience so beautiful, so compelling, it will change your perspective of the world around you.



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